Alumni engineering our future: Ajay Singh

Portrait of Ajay Singh
Ajay Singh

After graduating from UW-Madison, Ajay Singh (BSCE ’10) joined his family’s engineering firm, KSingh & Associates, headquartered in the Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa. He’s now vice president and principal engineer of the company’s civil engineering group, one of its three core divisions (transportation engineering and environmental and geotechnical engineering are the others).

KSingh is set to handle land surveying for the College of Engineering’s new building, an assignment that has Singh energized to help shape the future of his alma mater.

He’s among the Badger engineers working on the effort through their day jobs. Here, he looks back at his education and forward to the new building’s impact.

How did your experiences as a student prepare you for your professional work?

“I think UW’s program is really solid. It offered a really good foundational training for my career. Obviously, there are things you learn on any job, but I felt it prepared me really well. The technical components of the engineering program, in terms of learning engineering as a practice, I think were really solid, and the social components as well.”

What was a highlight of your educational experience?

“For me, it was about the people. I had really good professors. My geotechnical professor, Dante Fratta, was outstanding. I had just really good experiences with the people. That’s really what stands out.”

As an engineering alum, what excites you most about working on this particular project?

“I was trained there, I learned there, I grew up in a lot of ways at UW and especially a lot of long nights and long days studying on the engineering campus. I have memories of tossing the frisbee with my engineering buddies out on Engineering Mall in between classes. And now it’s just really cool to be able to say that I’m part of a project to put up a new flagship building there. It’s just really unique and special to work on a campus that I spent so much time on.”

What do you hope this new building does for the college?

“I think the facilities are a big attracting factor for students, and investing in the facilities to train the future engineering students of the world is a big deal. It will attract more talent and also just open up other opportunities for the engineering program to grow and continue to improve. I think it’s a solid investment and a really cool project.”