More impact

One building, two phases

Graphic of phase 1 of the new building

Phase 1 details

Target open date
Fall 2025

Square feet
7 floors • 170,000 total

January 2020-April 2020—advance planning
July 2021-July 2023—design, approvals and bidding
August 2023-August 2025—construction

Cost estimate
$150 million (if timeline is extended beyond 2023, assume 6% annual increase)

Cost breakdown
State—67% of projected total, based on timeline
College—33% from gifts and grants

Graphic of phase 2 of the new building

Phase 2 details

Target open date
Fall 2027

Square feet
7 floors • 170,000 total

January 2022-January 2023—advance planning
July 2023-July 2025—design, approvals and bidding
August 2025-August 2027—construction

Cost estimate
$150 million (if timeline is extended beyond 2025, assume 6% annual increase)

Cost breakdown
State—33% of projected total, based on timeline
College—67% from gifts and grants

Talent, technologies and the Wisconsin Idea

Photo of biomedical engineering students working on circuits

Developing engineering leaders

Ranked among the best engineering schools in the country, the College of Engineering admits outstanding students. Their experiences in our college and at UW-Madison empower and enable them to further grow as thinkers, doers, professionals and leaders. They learn from top researchers who weave their research into their teaching, creating a learning environment rich with context, new ideas and discourse that benefit and inspire everyone. And 100% of our students learn engineering by doing it, whether in classrooms or laboratories, through internships and co-operative work experiences, student organizations, community service, or creative projects they realize in their free time.

Photo of researchers in a lab

Extending our impact

Engineering faculty, staff and students are at the forefront of research and innovation, and they enhance the Wisconsin economy in many ways. They disclose more than 100 inventions annually, and generate more than $100 million each year in research expenditures. Engineering research and technological advances have led to dozens of companies founded by faculty, staff, students and alumni. A diverse array of engineering research centers, institutes and consortia builds on our rich tradition of cross-disciplinary research, advances knowledge and discovery, creates connections with industry and the private sector. Our alumni live and work in every corner of Wisconsin. And underlying all of our efforts is the strength of UW-Madison—one of the leading research universities in the world.

Growing talent in Wisconsin

engineering undergrads from Wisconsin

Wisconsin employers that recruit our engineers

of our graduates stay and work in the Midwest

Wisconsin cities with full-time engineering job postings

engineering alumni who live in Wisconsin

engineering alumni worldwide

How you can help

Creating a modern teaching and research facility is key to attracting top students, faculty and researchers—which in turn is critical in generating research funding, educating tomorrow’s engineering leaders, and enhancing the college’s national reputation.

By supporting a new College of Engineering building, you’ll help build the state’s science, technology and engineering workforce and keep Wisconsin companies competitive.

Take action to help expand engineering education at UW-Madison: Send an email to encourage your legislator to support our new engineering building.

Contact your legislator

And, contact us at to learn about other ways you can get involved in advocating for this project.